Common Foot Injuries During the Winter Months: Treating Sprains and Fractures

Ankle sprains and fractures are more common this time of year as people walk and run outdoors in hazardous conditions brought on by ice and snow. Knowing which types of common foot injuries occur and how to treat them can help prepare you in case of an accident.

Ankle Sprains

During an ankle sprain, a person tears one or more of the ligaments that hold the ankle together. In most cases, this tear happens on the outer side of the ankle when the foot rolls beneath the leg. More likely to sprain an ankle, patients who run, jog or walk on icy surfaces usually report the injury as twisting the ankle.
Among the most common cold weather injuries, sprained ankles can cause visible symptoms, Including heavy bruising and inflammation. With greater severity, a sprain may make putting weight on the ankle impossible. Fortunately, even the worst ankle sprains will heal over time without surgery. A variety of treatments may be recommended to support the ankle and maintain mobility in the meantime. 

Ankle Fractures

One of the most common and severe foot and ankle injuries is a fractured ankle where the bone may be partly or completely broken. The most severe fractures may involve bone breaking the skin, such as in compound fractures, or bone shattering into many pieces.

A fractured ankle can cause symptoms such as pain, swelling and inability to put weight on the ankle. Pain may be present not only in the ankle but also at a significant distance away, such as in the knee. Like sprains, fractures also commonly display bruising at the injured area. An X-ray is necessary to confirm the fracture, and a variety of treatments may be required for proper healing, including a cast.

Treating Slip and Fall Foot Injuries in Manhattan: Ask a NYC Podiatrist!  

If you have suffered a common foot or ankle injury, you should seek diagnosis and treatment immediately. For those in NYC, contact our team of podiatrists. We’re open 6 days a week and even offer Sunday appointments at our Brooklyn podiatry practice!  

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