Foot Pain from Running: Benefits of MLS Laser

Sprains, tendinitis, muscle strains and other foot injuries associated with running frequently can respond well to MLS laser therapy, as it’s minimally invasive. Below, you can read about some of the ways that this therapy helps injured runners.

Treating Chronic Foot Pain from Running

A chronic problem for many runners, foot pain, even when treated with medication, can eventually lead to general discomfort in your daily activities. With MLS laser treatment, patients can regain comfort without sacrificing well-being in other ways. MLS laser therapy has strong anti-inflammatory effects and works on several types of pain. It is frequently used on muscle tears, ligament injuries, sore muscles, degenerative joint problems and general pain.

MLS Laser Therapy for Healing

MLS treatment offers a side effect-free alternative. The application of specific light wavelengths to damaged tissue has strong regenerative effects, speeding healing dramatically. In addition to fighting inflammation directly, MLS laser therapy can actually help cells better absorb nutrients for faster repair.

Minimally Invasive

MLS laser sessions are minimally invasive and tend to take no more than 10 minutes. In many cases, patients report feeling pleasant sensations similar to those from a massage. Depending on the type and severity of foot injury, patients may need only one MLS laser therapy session or as many as ten or more. Because the positive effects build up, the need for treatment can be assessed as sessions are completed. Improvements are also likely to arrive even after the final session as the reparative effects of MLS laser therapy continue.

New York Runners with Foot Pain: Inquire about MLS Laser Therapy in Manhattan and Brooklyn!  

Our team of NYC podiatrists can advise how MLS laser therapy can help your foot pain. We’re open 6 days a week; please contact us to set up an appointment. We even offer Sunday appointments at our Brooklyn podiatry practice! 

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