MLS Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries: Regain Your Mobility!

Sports, exercise and other physical activities can cause injuries requiring significant treatment and long-term rest. In some cases, even surgery is required to begin the recovery process. Today, an alternative is available in the form of MLS laser therapy. Using high-intensity light beams, this treatment painlessly penetrates tissues to stop pain and stimulate healing. Many conditions can be treated this way, and benefits over alternatives are numerous. Here is more about common types of muscle injuries and how laser pain treatment can be used to speed recovery and relieve symptoms.

Sprains, Muscle Strains and Tears

Sprains are among the most common sports injuries and can vary from mild to debilitating. Affecting the ligaments, sprains normally call for a period of rest, during which ice and elevation can be used to reduce swelling. If sprains happen repeatedly, the risk of future sprains rises.

Muscle strains, also called pulled muscles, can refer to either overstretching or tearing of a muscle. Mild strains involve microscopic tears in the muscles and may take up to a month to heal. In the meantime, range of movement may be limited.

Muscle tears can be partial or complete. Up to two months of healing may be required in partial cases, and rehabilitative exercises may be necessary to ensure that performance can return to normal. Complete tearing of muscles can take as many as four months to heal. Invasive surgery may be required, resulting in a period of recovery and rest afterwards.

Using MLS Laser Muscle Therapy

Laser therapy offers several benefits that aid comfort and healing after a muscle injury. Pain and inflammation are reduced quickly through short, convenient sessions. MLS laser therapyalso stimulates regeneration of damaged tissues, allowing the body to repair itself more quickly than it would otherwise. This is aided by a concurrent increase in blood flow to the treated area. 

How Laser Pain Treatment Compares to Alternatives

MLS laser treatment holds several benefits over alternatives, including short sessions, absence of discomfort, fast results and lack of recovery required. Because no invasive surgery is involved, patients can continue with their rehabilitative plans quickly rather than waiting for healing from surgery. The versatility of laser therapy also can be beneficial. With this single type of treatment, patients can address not only muscular injuries but also arthritis, tendonitis, bruising and neurological pain.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Podiatrists for Laser Muscle Therapy

By requiring only short sessions and potentially eliminating the need for surgery in some patients, MLS laser therapy also can save patients time, money and discomfort. Manhattan Footcare is experienced in the latest laser techniques and technology for treating muscle injuries. Call Manhattan Footcare today at 212-629-5090 to learn more about our MLS laser muscle therapy options and the types of injuries that can be treated this way.

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