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If you’ve been battling a toenail fungus infection that seems to resist your every effort, it’s time to get the help of Steve Menna, DPM, and George Pace, DPM, at Manhattan Footcare in Brooklyn and the Midtown Manhattan region of New York City. They understand how difficult it is to get rid of fungal infections once they take hold, which is why they use the latest laser technology to fight them. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Toenail Fungus Infection Q & A

What is a toenail fungus infection?

A toenail fungus infection is exactly that — an infection created by a fungus, most commonly the dermatophyte fungus. The infection is medically known as onychomycosis, which presents itself as an infection in your toenail or as athlete’s foot.

A fungal infection can be picked up in environments that are wet, warm, and dark, like public swimming pools or locker rooms. The fungus can also live in wet towels and sweaty socks.

Older people with more brittle toenails may be more prone to infection since their toenails are less able to ward off the fungus. People with circulatory or nerve issues in their feet, such as men and women with diabetes, are also more vulnerable to toenail fungus infections.

What are the symptoms of a toenail fungus infection?

A toenail fungus infection typically starts as a small yellow or white spot in your toenail. As the fungal infection takes hold, the spot grows in size, eventually causing your toenail to become:

  • Brittle
  • Thickened
  • Malodorous
  • Crumbly around the edges
  • Separated from the nail bed

Toenail fungus infections are notoriously stubborn conditions to treat because once they take hold inside your toenail, they’re tough to get at with topical ointments.

How are toenail fungus infections treated?

Frustrated by slow-acting antifungal ointments, Dr. Menna and Dr. Pace decided to outfit their office with the Fotona® laser to provide their patients with the most effective and up-to-date option available in treating toenail fungus infections. With the Fotona system, your doctor delivers laser energy into the fungal infection to kill the parasitic fungi. The laser energy doesn’t cause any damage to your surrounding tissue as it targets your infection.

In most cases, you’ll need four treatments spaced out over a month to fully eradicate the fungal infection. Each laser procedure takes just 30 minutes, and there’s nothing you need to do afterward except keep your feet clean and dry.

Over the course of your treatments, and for a few weeks following, newer, healthier toenails will slowly grow in.

To gain the upper hand on your toenail fungus infection, call Manhattan Footcare or use the online scheduling tool.